Cost of setting up a market research agency!
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The general cost of starting and setting up a market research agency would vary as it all depends on your goals and objectives. Some may be interested in having the best of qualified professionals on the board team and this means with such sophistication comes higher pricing with regards to salary structures, etc. Some other folks may require that their target clients should be centered on fortune 100 companies alone and thus would want to get an operational lavish office in New York City or some other highbrow areas downtown in UK.

Even as a research company, you have to factor in the COST of making researches and putting up business plans for your own establishment as this helps you to understand what you will sell and who would buy it.

You have to also factor in advertising and campaign costs as this is essential part of branding and making your agency popular for clients to patronize your services.

With all said, the cost of infrastructures, systems, premises, advertising, researching, employee wages, and all other factors would contribute to the initial cost of setting a new marketing research agency. In conclusion, whilst a $100, 000 can put you up in big business in some locations, a $300, 000 investments would launch you in spots like New York City.

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